2009 Hyundai Genesis — Hyundai’s Very first Luxury Vehicle


Every 12 months car fanatics and auto journalists head to local vehicle premiers as well as conventions where all of the renown automakers discharge their valuable babies for that masses in order to gawk from and perform the “ooh-ah” again and again, it’s like going for a kid towards the candy shop, but this particular 2009 is actually unlike every other.

Our preferred lineup associated with first-class luxurious sedans with regard to 2009, obviously, features all-time favorites such as the Lexus GS, the actual Infiniti Michael, and the actual Chrysler three hundred, but correct beside these there is a unique, unidentified luxurious Sedan that’s been grabbing everybody’s attention.

As well as Pontiac, BMW, or Mercedes aren’t responsible with this one; it originates from an unpredicted source. But you’ll likely never speculate who which unexpected supply is, in the end you understand your luxurious Sedans and also you know that makes all of them.

I will not leave a person in suspense any more but certainly in complete shock, the secret automaker is the one and only the Korean automaker by itself, Hyundai.

You heard right, Hyundai very joins the posh Sedan company this ’09 via the actual release from the Genesis; it’s first 8-cylinder rear-drive luxurious sedan.

Therefore for ’09 proud Hyundai shops eagerly watch for to signify the Genesis this particular upcoming summer time.

Interestingly sufficient Genesis is really a synonym with regard to “beginning” which in this instance is completely appropriate as well as entirely suggestive this is merely the start for luxurious sedans through Hyundai, the globe is eager to discover what Korean engineers will offer so let’s check out what the actual Genesis guarantees.

Performance Specifications:

Engines as well as transmissions:

Unquestionably lots of luxury-vehicle fanatics are unconvinced which Hyundai is really up for that challenge. But in the event that Japanese automakers such as Lexus as well as Infiniti possess gained an amazing reputation, similarly Korean organization, Hyundai endeavors an identical path.

And definitely Hyundai is actually off with an excellent start; after just about all it instantly broke barriers the moment it made a decision to discharge the Genesis using the choice of the 8-cylinder motor.

Of course the bottom powertrain about the Genesis is actually constituted with a 6-cylinder, 3. 8 liter DOHC motor that makes use of Continuously Adjustable Valve Timing (CVVT) to be able to increase the ability spread. But even most abundant in basic powertrain, the Genesis may achieve as much as 290 hp and 264 lbs per feet of torque.

Expectedly, the Genesis along with 6-cylinder motor features a good Aisin 6-speed SHIFTRONIC automated transmission filled with overdrive along with a lock-up torque converter which works hard to be able to enhance it’s fuel economy on the road.

As for that upgraded powertrain functions, well it’s a lot more than you’d expect from the newly launched luxury four door from Hyundai. In fact it’s outdone the actual Acura which has a 6-cylinder, 3. 7-liter SOHC VTEC motor.

Thanks to that particular 8-cylinder, four. 6 liters DOHC engine you are able to achieve between 368 in order to 375 hp, depending upon whether you fill your infant with high quality or normal fuel. Clearly it’s simply conquered the Lexus GS V8 Sedan along with the other contending V8 Sedans like the 300 through Chrysler, the G8 through Pontiac and also the Infiniti M with regards to horsepower.

And to be able to take about the whopping horsepower how the V8 cut produces, the Genesis features a better ZF 6-speed tranny.


The ASD suspension how the Genesis facilitates is what the key luxury vehicles on the market from Lexus, BMW, and Mercedes support too.

The Genesis’ entrance suspension consists of an impartial 5-link style with SACHS ASD; gasoline shock absorbers; coils springs; as well as 25mm anti-roll club. Meanwhile the trunk suspension is definitely an independent 5-link design too with SACHS ASD; gasoline shock absorbers; coils springs; and a good 18 mm anti move bar for that V8 trim along with a 17 mm anti-roll club.


Lexus as well as Infiniti owners will discover the Genesis to become quite familiar with regards to steering. It’s extremely compliant because of electro-hydraulic assist along with a rack-and-pinion guiding power along with engine-RPM-sensing.

Energy Economy:

Probably the soaring gasoline prices may discourage a person from a good 8-cylinder vehicle however the Genesis provides a equivalent fuel economy to that particular of sporty Coupes such as the Nissan Altima. The Genesis’ EPA energy economy estimates for that V6 tend to be 18 mpg city/27 mpg freeway and twenty one mpg mixed and when it comes to V8 you may expect 17mpg city/25 mpg freeway.

Interior Style:

Without nameplates, and badges the actual Hyundai Genesis may too be sold in the price which top-line luxurious vehicles such as Lexus as well as Infiniti choose, but Hyundai is exclusive in the actual sense it offers equivalent luxury for any lower price. There is merely no doubt how the Genesis is actually prepared and designed with top-notch highlights.

The dashboard is actually harmonized through Woodgrain as well as leather inside accents filled with a middle console which includes copious environment controls for example heater as well as air filter systems. In add-on to environment controls, the sound controls tend to be what best it off due to corresponding driver-friendly attributes it features. Convenience functions like luxury cruise control as well as cupholders really are a given and you will surely expect a whole selection associated with driver-friendly attributes that you might as nicely find inside a Lexus.

For example, the device panel’s white-on-black electroluminescent gauges which share a good immense resemblance towards the top-quality look that you might find inside a Lexus.

The Genesis is like any additional luxury sedan filled with a sensitive leathered interior not to mention the greatest technology. Listening to all your favorite music defintely won’t be a trouble; after whatever you can merely connect your own iPod as well as blast your preferred music because of that Logic7 Lexicon discrete audio system.

Exterior Style:

There tend to be some which go so far as to evaluate the Genesis using the Benz S-Class; of program the Genesis will be a cleaner edition but they are quite as well. In conditions of wheelbase as well as length the actual Genesis is actually somewhat alike towards the Chrysler three hundred.

Truth may be the Genesis is actually impressively good-looking and may easily pass like a Lexus or perhaps a Mercedes-Benz. The actual Genesis presents jeweled projector design headlights as well as front haze lights. The look over just about all is fairly basic made up of bodycolor bumpers along with chrome place molding along with a bodycolor grille along with chrome highlights.

And like every other luxury four door the Genesis functions high-fashion photo voltaic controlled colored glass along with a noise-reducing traditional acoustic laminated car windows and entrance side cup.


The Genesis presents first-rate quality you will probably have never anticipated from Hyundai, and with the excitement do not stray through what’s essential; safety.

However the Genesis does not lack some of this and it is completely safe because of advanced entrance airbags; a good occupant category system; outboard as well as inboard 3-point seatbelts; entrance seatbelt pretensioners as well as force limiters; reduce and top tether anchors; digital active mind restraints; AB MUSCLES; bodyside reinforcements; TPMS; change interlock program; anti-theft motor immobilizer; and also the steering steering wheel locks once the key is actually removed to maintain the Genesis below your ownership.


So the question lingers, will the actual Genesis depend on par using the competing luxurious sedans associated with 2009? Well probably the same emotions surfaced once the Acura TL hit the industry in 1996.
We think that just because this recently released luxurious sedan timidly created its debut at the rear of BMW as well as Mercedes luxurious sedans about ten years ago all whilst proving towards the world which German nameplates tend to be unnecessary to attain luxury, the Genesis may prevail with regard to Hyundai too.

Unlike additional automakers such as Honda as well as Toyota, Hyundai will not introduce the actual Genesis under an extravagance brand, perhaps simply because Hyundai efforts to revolutionize as well as gain the actual immense notability associated with luxury automakers for example BMW as well as Mercedes. Just time may tell.

Because noted prior to though, the Genesis hardly makes it’s debut this particular 2009 and contains shockingly surpassed prestigious automakers which have been in the posh business with regard to long for example Chrysler, Infiniti as well as Lexus.

Surely although since it is still pretty knew within the luxury four door business we are able to expect reduce pricing upon equal luxurious.

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